To a luxury vessel owner/manager/operator, information on customer experience and repeat business are top priorities. Inconsistent data and security issues erode operational efficiency. When operations are digitised and centralised, your data is centrally secured. Security concerns of data loss and duplicate records are also minimised. Cruise with peace of mind – a clear view of your business AND operations for quicker, decisive actions.

An essential invaluable asset for business success!

  • Private Leisure Vessel Management

    Cruzescape.com Vessel Management System (VEMAS) – VEMAS allows owners and managers to manage and maintain a fleet of leisure cruising vessels with an inventory of bookable rooms, equipment on board and assigned crew. Providing visibility to overall asset management, VEMAS even allows depreciation of assets to provide the true cost of ownership and value, resulting in a clearer Return On Assets (ROA) metric.

  • Efficient Itinerary Planning and Cruise Booking

    Managing sailing passages can be a tedious process especially when there are multiple possible configurations of itinerary.

    Cruzescape.com VEMAS unique system design allows multiple sailing itineraries to be created as templates for vessel assignment, cruise booking activation and execution. Cruise directors are able to duplicate similar passages to create a multitude of passage configurations within the same location and for different date bookings. Greater flexibility for Vessel Managers / Cruise Directors and accurate assessment in operational planning.

    Now, activating the planned sailing itinerary for customer bookings is just a mouse click for Cruise Directors. Trip bookings can be made immediately upon cruise booking activation. On top of that, customers and Cruise Directors/Vessel Managers alike, can view slots booked and how many are still available for each sailing passage. Now, there is visual clarity of sailing passages and cruise bookings and NO data entry errors.

    A flexible, efficient and modern way to run a logistics intensive operation.

  • Maximise valuable assets returns

    Having a capital intensive pool of assets calls for efficient and effective overall management practice to achieve higher ROA. Cruzescape.com Vessel Management System (VEMAS) allows Owners/Managers to call up Profit and Loss, Loading Factor, Utilisation reports related to their fleet of vessels and sailing passages. Tactical decisions can thus be made from informed operational data and profitability reports.

    • Identification of most lucrative sailing passages
    • Flagging of vessels with the lowest loading factors
    • Visibility of utilisation and effective operational planning
    • Capture and report effectiveness of marketing campaigns


Vessel Management

  • Manage multiple vessels
  • Manage vessel bookable/chargeable rooms with standard booking rates
  • Manage vessel port registrations
  • Manage equipment onboard individual vessels
  • Access to individual vessel profitability


Itinerary and Cruise Management

  • Manage multiple itinerary templates with customisable pricing options
  • Manage list of SCUBA Diving sites for different locations
  • Create bookable cruises using itinerary templates
  • Manage purchasing operations for cruises
  • Manage cruise consumption (fuel, food and etc)
  • Manage crew listing for individual sailing passages
  • Crew timesheet entry for expenses
  • Easy access to passenger manifest
  • Full access to passenger information
  • Clear view of sailing passage profitability and easy identification of lucrative passages


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Vessel Room and Rates Management

Business Partner Management

Guest Management

Auto Generation of Guest Registration form (PDF)

Cruise Itinerary Management

Itinerary Pricing Management

Cruise Booking Management

Cruise Schedule, Room Availability and Pricing Report

Cruise Schedule, Room Availability and Pricing Web Integration (API)

Cabin Cruiser features

Crew Management

Equipment Management

Vessel Utilisation Rates Report

Vessel Load Factor Report

Business Partner Discounts

SCUBA Dive Site Management

Full Chartering

Booking Confirmation (PDF)

Cruise Passenger Manifest

Yacht features

Vessel Profit and Loss Report

Booking Confirmation (Email)

Cruise Purchase and Receiving Management

Cruise Expense Entry

Cruise Profit and Loss Report

Itinerary Profitability Dashboard

Online Guest Self-service web integration (API)

Online Cruise Booking web integration (API)


Contact us at sales@cruzescape.com for 12 months prepaid subscription to enjoy 10% discount!

Partner Program


We invite you to join us in making Vessel operations a breeze for your customers/suppliers by using our cloud-based Vessel Management platform, which includes Vessels/Rooms/Pricing/Itinerary/Cruise Operations management and an open, unlimited API to integrate on their or your websites.


We are looking for partners who share our vision, culture and passion for our customers need to improve their operations-partners who will invest in sales and delivery resources in order to make indutry-leading margins.


Our Partner Program is focused on driving results for each of our partners

  • Grow your business
  • Develop Expertise - Expand your practice with deep business management and technical skills gained through training
  • Gain competitive advantage - Empowering your customers to make precision focused decisions on their businesses which will increase their competitive advantage because now more than ever, efficiency and effectiveness is here to stay




Referral Partner Program designed to reward partners who constantly "lookout" for customers

Crew Registration Form

Implementer Partner Program designed to train/equip and reward partners who will help their customers implement Cruzescape

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What is cruzescape.com?

cruzescape.com is Starboard Associates developed Vessel Management cloud solution (VEMAS) for leisure vessel owners/managers. It is a solution that has a powerful backend Vessel/Cruise Management System and a Route/Cruise Management System that is easily accessible via just an internet connection and internet browser where owners/managers can manage their vessels, cruises, sailing passages, and operations.

Do you offer Free Trial periods?

We have a 1 Month Free Trial period that allows new customers to try out the system. When you are comfortable with the system, you can continue accessing the system with the same logins and your data is still intact. Fees will commence charging after the Free Trial period.

My operations have been running for sometime now. As such, I do have the existing data that we need to be in the system. How do we go from here?

Your master records and data will be setup and migrated into the system via the System Setup phase.

How can I incorporate customer online booking form on our website?

We are working to make that available. Stay tuned.

How many user logins are we entitled to?

Depending on the subscription that you have signed up, there are a number of entitled bundled users under each subscription tier. Please refer to the Pricing section for more.

What are the packages available and which package should I sign up for?

We have two levels of subscription you can choose from, Basic and Premier. Basic is for single Vessel Managers while Premier is for Vessel Managers who has 3 or more vessels to manage.

Do you offer a refund if I change my mind?

The fees are charged monthly to your credit card unless you opt for 12 months prepaid subscription which we do not offer refunds. For monthly charge, you can terminate your account anytime. Just inform us at billings@starboard-associates.com to terminate the service.

If I decide to stop using the system, what will happen to my data?

Starboard Associates is committed to the privacy and ownership of the data. Your existing data will be exported out as an exit process.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments through Paypal which accepts most accepted credit cards and other payment methods.

If you would like to prepay for 12 months, you can pay with an invoice. Please contact us at billings@starboard-associates.com

Do you offer any discounts?

You’ll receive a 10% discount if you prepay for a year (12 months). Contact us at sales@cruzescape.com for more information

When do the subscription period start?

The subscription period starts the minute you first login using the given login details.

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